Achieves a reduction of between 70% and 90% in the emission of polluting particulate material PM10 and PM2.5. MPzero's efficiency is directly related to the conditions of use, for example, humidity of the wood, efficiency of the combustion equipment, the type of wood, maintenance, among others. The decrease in fuel burn rate is about 20%. This is translated into a decrease in the seasonal expenditure for the purchase of firewood and its derivatives.

The device has an average electrical consumption of between 20 and 35 kWh per month (considering about 6 hours of use per day), which translates into an approximate cost of between $ 2,000 and $ 3,500 (CLP) in electricity. This consumption varies proportionally to the use Of the device.

To install the standard residential version of MPzero, it is required to have a pipe diameter with a diameter of 6 inches (150 mm) for the flue, for smaller diameters, you must have an adapter. It is also required a space available of at least 1 meter above the gas outlet of the combustion system.

According to the Chilean regulations, MPzero does not require any certification in order to be commercialized in the country. However, we are constantly looking for external evaluations to validate its safety and operation. We have tested MPzero in the laboratories of CESMEC, using CH-28 and CH-5G methodology. These tests allowed us to determine the effectiveness levels of MPzero.

The maintenance of MPzero consists of a simple cleaning to certain areas of the product in order to eliminate excess dirt. This maintenance and its periodicity are detailed in the User’s Manual.